2017 Head Rotations Series Collection

2017 Head Rotations Series Collection

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These animated head rotations are necessary to develop the skills needed to be consistent.
Each of the 30+ characters designed for HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Five's Nine, now in production, demand the greatest technical proficiency yet, to effectively tell the story by establishing complex characters that the audience can relate to, rather than idolic beings that are believed to forever be a mystery rather than a companion and equal.
These are just some of the characters for HESUS JOY CHRIST / Matthew's Five's Nine, now in production! These are "2017 Head Rotations", a project developed to improve the animation of each character and to maintain the individual characteristics of each character consistently. . . . more of the total of 30 characters to come !!!

2017 Head Rotations Series Collection
  • Animated Cephas Head Rotation 2017-02-15 006 960x540

    Episode 1

    This is just one example of my commitment to bumping up the quality of HJC/ Matthew's Five's Nine !!
    This is considered to be an example of work in progress . Watch for more of this kind of groundbreaking work - at least it is groundbreaking work among my circles, including Sheridan studies.

  • Cephas Graphically Calculated 16 Head Rotations 2017-02-13 72dpi copyright.jpg

    125 KB

    This is the first attempt at rotating a head with the system developed in the winter of 2017, and is the 16 hardest head positions to draw accurately.
    EnJOY !!!